Reservation terms and conditions

  1. Declarations
  2. Accommodation contract
  3. Check in/out
  4. Penalty in case of cancellation or early departure
  5. Reservation modification
  6. Hotelier’s obligations
  7. Prices of the rooms – payment – tourist tax
  8. Place of jurisdiction
  9. Privacy policy
  10. Acceptance of general contract terms for the reservations
  1. Declarations

The guest declares to have filled in the data collection form completely and truthfully and takes the responsibility in case of false or inaccurate declarations.

The hotelier is entirely responsible of the validation and constant update of the data and information on the website, with specific reference to prices and services.

  1. Accommodation contract

After the reservation, the accommodation contract is established immediately between the guest and the hotelier. All the rights and obligations arising from the accommodation contract exist directly and exclusively between the hotelier and the person who books. The email message received by the guest is valid as confirmation of the reservation of the room/service and must be shown upon arrival in the hotel like a voucher, for the recognition of the right.
After the reservation, a deposit is required as guarantee, calculated on the total amount of the stay.
For all stays:
– Between 1 and 3 days: deposit equal to 50%
– From the fourth day and more: deposit equal to 30%

It can be sent with postal money order to:

Pontellini Melissa c/o Hotel Clitunno
via Bernini, n.3
47843 – Misano Adriatico (RN)

Or by bank transfer on the following bank account:

c/c n. 2338 intestato a Pontellini Melissa
Banca di Credito Cooperativo di Gradara
Filiale di Misano Adriatico (RN)
IBAN:  IT55I0857867860000080102338

These are the guide lines of the calculation, in any case Hotel Clitunno can require a different amount of deposit (with lower percentages compared with the previous statement) or no guarantee, depending on the season and direct agreements with the customer.

The meals not consumed (breakfasts, lunches or dinners) are not refunded, but can be replaced upon request with lunchboxes.
In case of arrival in the afternoon, the customer can enjoy the lunch not consumed on the day of departure, without any surcharge.
Nonetheless, the customer must leave the room within the check out time as indicated in the regulation.

The deposit will be paid after the reading and acceptance of all the contract clauses, above all the reservation and cancellation policy reported below.

  1. Check in/out

Unless otherwise agreed, the room will be available for the client from 2pm. When ready, the room will be available also before that time. The customer can arrive in the hotel when he prefers and can use immediately all the services of the Hotel like the parking, the swimming pool and all the public areas, while he is waiting the room.

The customer must arrive in the hotel within 6pm on the arrival date indicated in the reservation.
In case of late arrival, the guest must inform the hotelier. Otherwise, the room will be considered available.

On the departure date, the room must be vacated within 10am. The time is also reported in the hotel regulation.

  1. Penalty in case of cancellation or early departure

The hotelier has the right to hold the deposit, in case of cancellation or early departure of the guest.

  • cancellation up to 21 days before the arrival date: no penalty
  • Cancellation between the 20 the 14th day before the arrival date penalty of 40%
  • Cancellation between the 13 the 7th day before the arrival date penalty of 60%
  • Cancellation between the 6th day before the arrival date penalty of 100%
  • no show: penalty of 100%

The hotelier is entitled to require the payment of the total amount of the reservation in case of early departure.

In each case, the penalty fee will be refunded if the hotelier succeeds to replace the room reservation for the same period.

In view of this, every situation will be evaluated case by case, directly with the guest. We are always willing to find a personalized solution and an agreement to satisfy both the parts.

  1. Reservation modification

To modify the date or other details of the reservation, the guest must contact immediately the hotelier in order to avoid the penalty described at point 4.

For those guests who booked with the “Advance booking” promotion, in case of reservation modification:

  • within its validity term, the same discount will be applied;
  • If the promotion has been updated, the discount of the new promotion will be applied;
  • If the promotion expired, the standard rate will be applied and no pricing benefit will be valid.

In view of this, every situation will be evaluated case by case, directly with the guest. We are always willing to find a personalized solution and an agreement to satisfy both the parts.

  1. Hotelier obligations

If the room booked by the guest is no longer available because of hotelier’s responsibility, he must provide an equivalent or superior accommodation.

  1. Rooms prices – payment – tourist tax

The hotelier agrees not to apply different tariffs at the moment of payment in the hotel.

The hotelier is responsible for any dispute regarding the prices applied.

Unless otherwise agreed, the payment of the total amount of the stay will be paid directly in the hotel.

Tourist tax not included in the price. Approved with the Municipal Council’s resolution n. 95 of 18/12/2014 in force from the 1st of April to the 30th of September 2017.
It is determined per person per night and it has a value of 0.80 euros for a 3-star Hotel. It is calculated according to the type of accommodation facility (based on stars) and is defined by the regional legislation, which takes into account the characteristics, the services provided and consequently the value of the stay.
The tax is paid for every night spent in the accommodation facilities on the territory of the City Council of Misano Adriatico, according to the regional law on tourism, for the first seven consecutive nights in hotels and tourist accommodations, holiday houses and flats, hostels, guesthouses (room and breakfast, motels), Bed and breakfast, campsites.

People who are exempt from the payment of the tourist tax:

  1. Minors until the age of 13; considering the date of arrival in the hotel;
  2. People who assist patients in clinics situated in the province of Rimini, one helper for every patient
  3. People who belong to the State and Local Police, Armed forces, National Firefighters Corp coming for work.
  4. Bus drivers and tourist guides accompanying groups organized by travel and tourism agencies.
  5. The exemption is applied for every bus driver and for one tourist guide every 25 participants.
  6. Employees working in the territory of Misano Adratico municipality.
  7. Severely disabled people, certified according to the law, with one assistant;
  8. Students attending an internship in accommodation facilities in the territory of misano adriatico municipality.

The exemption referred to in point b), c), d) and g) will be applied only providing the manager of the hotel a specific Statement in lieu of notarised document, according to the Decree of the President of the Republic n.445/200 and following modifications.

  1. Place of jurisdiction

For any dispute regarding this contract, please contact the competent place of jurisdiction in the town where the hotel is situated.

  1. Privacy information

Mandatory disclosure according to the Italian Law 675/96, article 10, about privacy.

The customer expressly agrees to the processing of personal data, supplied by electronic support, aimed exclusively to the management of the contractual relationship between the parties.
The customer is aware that the consent to the acquiring of these data, even though optional, is necessary to conclude the reservation, without which it will not be possible to proceed to the next step of the booking procedure.

The customer can always have access to his own personal data, modify them upon written request made to the hotelier.

Acceptance of the contractual conditions of the reservation
Making the reservation online, the customer agrees and accepts the contractual conditions of the reservation here defined and disciplined, in particular the articles 1, 2, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9.